There's a new year around the corner and a myriad of new projects I am so thrilled to talk about! 

I'm over the moon to join the cast of the new web series SAUDADE, a SAG New Media project, produced by Open Door Film Productions and JACE Films.

SAUDADE is a character-driven psychological drama about a fatal accident that causes memory loss to a young, spirited dancer and the ripple effect of choices, traumas, and circumstances on those closest to her. The series follows an ensemble of characters, all deeply connected and effected by this tragic event, causing their paths to alter and intertwine and deals with the underlining ideas that life is much more than just coping, portraying themes of second chances, and the inherent hope to be whole.

Within this complex family web, I play Summer, Samuel’s high school sweetheart who has her own methods for getting what she wants, including having her own family with Samuel.

Pre-production, press, and promotion kicks off in January 2015. Be on the look out for updates as there is so much to come for this project that I'll continue to share!

While I'm sharing...I'd like to thank everyone who came out to The Project [theatre]'s production of US DRAG. We closed last night to a packed house and I'm so humbled to have been a part of this crazy fun show with an incredible cast of actors (seriously, not one weak link in that ensemble). Thanks to Elayne, Gladys, and Stephen from The Project for giving me the opportunity!

To everyone who supports my endeavors + everyone reading...have an incredibly happy holiday season + a happy new year! I'm planning on taking these next few [much needed] weeks to relax with family + friends before jumping back into the crazy come January. 

More to share coming soon...there's another project I can't quite tell you about just yet, but which you'll find out about soon enough.

Enjoy the holidays!


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