Back on Stage: The Project [Theatre]'s Production of U.S. DRAG


Guess who will be hitting the stage for the first time with a new company? This girl! I am thrilled to join an incredibly talented group of artists in the role of Angela in The Project [theatre]'s upcoming production of U.S. DRAG by Gina Gionfriddo. 

Under the direction of project [theatre]'s new Executive Artistic Director, Stephen Kaiser, the cast also features Gladys Ramirez, Ben Sandomir, Peter Mir, Jannelys Santos, Jeremiah Musgrove, Theo Reyna, and Breeza Zeller.

US Drag tells the story of Angela and Allison who are over-educated and under-employed. They don’t have time to ponder their existence and they sure as hell aren’t about to waste their days making minimum wage while women with inferior minds and shoddy grammar make six figures upstairs. But we digress. What Angela and Allison do want is independent wealth, public esteem, and a little citrus in their vodka -- is that so much to ask? So what do you do when you need a payday and a claim to fame while you’re still pretty enough to enjoy it? Cue a deranged serial attacker named Ed. If they can find him, they'll get notoriety and a $100,000 reward. The only problem is no one knows what Ed looks like and everyone they meet is acting eerily... Ed-ish.

I'm so excited to hit the ground running with press + rehearsals! 

U.S. DRAG's public preview is set for December 5 and opening December 6 through December 21, 2014. Tickets are available by clicking here. Hope to see you there!

Much love! Xx - Liz

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