Happy 2016! 

I am so happy to have brought in the new year alongside friends and family and I am incredibly excited for what this year has to offer. Not only am I celebrating a milestone birthday in just a few weeks (the big 3-0!) but I am so fortunate to be able to do so alongside an amazing cast & crew as we rehearse for our upcoming production of Water By The Spoonful by Quiara Alegia Hudes. 

I was a fan of Ms. Hudes' work before I really even knew of her; after all, she did write the book for the incomparable Broadway musical In The Heights. Reading Water was nothing short of a life-changing experience, and being cast in the role of Yazmin, someone I feel so connected to, and alongside a cast of actors I blindly admire, is a gift. Come see us beginning February 3rd! 

Simultaneously to rehearsals for Water, I'll be spending some time at the Broward Center with the company of Outre's A Violet Hour: A Modern Medea, an incredible modern adaptation of the Euripedes classic, opening in March...

So if you don't hear from me all month, that's probably why. ;)

As always, keep up with me on social media for the latest and greatest. Links are below! And if you're on Snapchat, I'm ocassionally on there, too. @guysitsmeliz

Wishing you all an amazing start to 2016! Thank you as always for your love and support.

Xx, Liz

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