On u.s. drag...

"The acting is solid, often deliberately exaggerated to emphasize the characters’ comically deep self-involvement...Dikinson’s Angela is a pragmatic cynic, and Ramirez gets to go on a little journey when Allison briefly morphs into a Stepford Wife wannabe."

-- Christine Dolen, The Miami Herald. Read the full review here.

On Spring Awakening...

"The musical, though relevant and well-written, would be missing a certain je ne sais quoi without the fiery energy the large ensemble brings to the stage..."

"The ensemble, Emily Barona, William Cadena, Andre Gabois, Stephen Gair, Mariah Jimenez, Cameron Jordan, Aaron Matthews, Meagan Nagy, Aly Pentagelo, Eliana Parenti, Patrick Rodriguez, Rheanna Salazar, and Corey Vega, all make memorable characters, each powerfully telling their own story, one that speaks to their individual character’s predicament, and to the larger scheme of teenage life."

"Salazar and Rodriguez are enchanting as the play’s leads, along with the rest of the cast, all of whom seem to experience opposite scenarios, yet overlap in their need to find love and salvation."

-- Roselind Romero, The Miami Laker. Read the full review here.


On Next Fall...

"Liz Dikinson as Holly, a self-proclaimed 'fag hag' and the owner of a candle shop where Luke works, gives the most skillful performance. Her witty lines are delivered succinctly with just the right amount of sarcasm and self-awareness."

-- Morgan Golumbuk, Plays To See: International Theatre Reviews. Read the full review here.

"Holly, played by Liz Dikinson, is the fearless friend that harmonizes questioning and assuaging. She provides the calm between the storm, not through neutrality but in sympathetic love for everyone she meets."

-- Roselind Romero, The Miami Laker. Read the full review here.